About BPR F1


Whereas the vast majority of Formula 1-related websites are primarily news-based, bprf1.com will never claim to have the inside scoop on what’s happening in the F1 universe. However, what bprf1.com can offer its readers is a fresh way to analyze what happens on-track, and sometimes off the track, during grand prix weekends. The cornerstone of the site is its namesake: the Blincoe Performance Rating, or BPR. In short, the BPR is a statistically-based mathematical performance rating system Trey initially developed for an undergraduate statistics project at Dartmouth College. The intent of the BPR is to provide F1 fans with a true reflection of performance trends in the F1 championship on a race-by-race basis in a way that simple race results and points tables can’t.

In addition to the BPR, bprf1.com will provide its readers with Inside the Race features from selected races during the F1 season. Utilizing the Official Timing and Scoring data provided by the FIA, Inside the Race will attempt to aid the reader’s understanding of the key points and more interesting developments in an F1 race, as opposed to just gathering data and spitting it back out for the reader to decipher.

Finally, bprf1.com will also provide its readers with the occasional Comment feature regarding various hot-topic issues in the world of F1. The intent of Comment features is to provide a balanced commentary on the issues that drive the F1 circus, if such a task is even possible to accomplish.


Implicit in the  aforementioned offerings is the author’s knowledge of F1, as well as his ability to provide both analytical and statistical analysis that’s worth reading. Trey Blincoe won’t pretend to be a renowned ‘expert’ in the F1 community or the blogosphere at-large; there are plenty of guys who fit that profile with great material for F1 fans, such as the blogs from James Allen and Joe Saward. What Trey does believe is that you don’t have to be an ‘expert’ or an ‘insider’ to analyze what happens on and off the track. As long as you pay attention and give some thought to what you read, see, or hear, anyone can provide analysis or opinion that is worthwhile to listen to. In the world of mass-media, streaming data, and Web 2.0, we all have the tools to contribute to the fascinating world of F1 racing.

The first professional sporting event Trey ever attended as a boy was the 1994 European Grand Prix in Jerez, Spain. The sights, sounds, and smells of a modern Formula 1 race had him hooked from the get-go. While Trey wasn’t alive or old enough to witness the brilliance of Senna, Prost, or even Mansell, for purposes of the material on bprf1.com, the reader can take comfort in the fact that Trey has followed the F1 world closely since that summer day in 1994. After moving back across the Atlantic in the late 1990’s, Trey, like many residents of North America before the rise of the internet, was largely left to his own analysis of F1 due to the lack of readily-accessible coverage on these shores.

Over the years, Trey came to draw his own conclusions regarding motorsports in general, as opposed to subscribing wholesale to the increasingly-available offerings from the established pundits. He had a short ‘career’ in motorsports journalism as the editor for The-Paddock.net‘s American Le Mans Series coverage before starting his own website dedicated to analysis of sportscar racing, sportscaranalytics.com. After a year and a half of covering the world of sportscar racing, including the earliest iterations of the BPR, Trey shuttered Sportscar Analytics as the real world and its related responsibilities made running the site a physical impossibility. Now, on the other of those responsibilities, Trey’s hope with bprf1.com is to take the knowledge and skills he’s gained from his academic and career pursuits, and apply them to his passion for Formula 1 racing.

While bprf1.com may be the glorified hobby of a non-expert American, Trey hopes you enjoy the material on the site none-the-less!

You can contact Trey regarding anything on bprf1.com at: tblincoe.bprf1@gmail.com

(All original content is the intellectual property of Trey Blincoe and shall not be copied, modified, or otherwise redistributed without written consent from the creator.) TB





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