BPR Charts – Round 3: Chinese Grand Prix

As a supplement to the regularly posted BPR tables, bprf1.com will chart the progress of the BPR POWER rating throughout the season.

The drivers line plots are broken down into graphs displaying: (1) the entire POWER rating range (0-100); (2) POWER ratings denoting possible points scoring performance (75-100); and (3) POWER ratings denoting possible race-winning performance (90-100). A ranking plot is also provided, and is based on the rankings contained in the BPR table following each round.

For the teams line plot, the POWER ratings of both drivers are combined from each round to compose a team rating. A positional ranking plot is provided for the teams as well.


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4 responses to “BPR Charts – Round 3: Chinese Grand Prix

  1. SmLnine

    Wow, this is awesome! My only criticism is some of the colours are close to each other and this makes it difficult to identify drivers. Otherwise very nice!

  2. Thanks for the comment and I’m glad you’re enjoying! I can certainly understand where you’re coming from on the color identification difficulty; I’ve been trying to figure out how best to display the lines while also having them be somewhat representative of team colors. It’s a problem I think you’re bound to run into with 24 different lines displayed on the same graph, which is why I went the other way with Virgin and HRT’s colors.

    I’ll try and think of something, but it would also help to know which colors in particular are giving you trouble. Thank you again for the comment!

    • Nigel Garside

      Have you considered using the same colours as the FIA charts?:

      China Lap Chart

      It’s always going to look busy, but I think the slightly different shades to differentiate team members works quite well.

      Thanks for an interesting site – the USA may not have a race at the moment but it’s certainly the home of sports statistics.

      • Thanks Nigel! I actually started off tooling with the BPR charts using those exact colors, but found using one color for each team and differentiating teammates by solid/dashed lines ended up looking better and was easier to read. Like you said, it’s always going to look busy, but all of these suggestions do help. I’ll continue to try and think of a way to incorporate them…

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