2010 BPR Season Summary

In the coming weeks, BPR F1 will be posting several summary items evaluating the entirety of the 2010 Formula 1 World Championship season.

The season summary table posted below focuses on the BPR AVG rating in lieu of the POWER rating highlighted by the in-season BPR tables.  As explained in the BPR table explanation, the AVG rating is exactly what its name entails: a pure average of the individual round BPR scores posted by each driver/entry throughout the season.  The per-round BPR scores for each driver/entry are provided in the same manner as the regularly-posted BPR tables.

In addition to the AVG rating, a Team COMP section is included in the summary table.  Team COMP is intended to reflect the performance differentiation between drivers on the same team by providing each team’s average BPR rating (“(T) AVG”), and the difference between each respective driver’s AVG rating from the team’s mean (“+/-“).  Teammate comparisons receive a lot of attention in the F1 paddock because comparisons between drivers on different teams are difficult to quantify as each team fields different machinery. It’s important to note that each +/- figure reflects the average difference between teammates per round for 19 rounds; so even relatively small differences between teammates are actually quite significant when extended out over the entirety of the season.  As such, each +/- box is color coded with yellow shading reflecting less statistically-significant figures (0 – +/-0.999), green reflecting positive differentiation (> 0.000), and red reflecting negative differentiation (< 0.000).  Any +/- box with its figure in bold reflects a statistically-significant differentiation (> +2.000, or < -2.000).

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